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First, the advantages of business analysis

Branch of the company in March 28, 1998, after years of development, the Branch's sincere Arts Branch licensing screen printing machine in the Pearl River Delta market accounted for 60 percent of the market share, the company also passed ISO9000 international quality system certification. The company has the Shenzhen Branch of Arts and Nantong Branch of the Arts in the two industrial parks, with a total area of over 30,000 square meters, with self-built factories, office buildings, staff dormitory, machine showrooms, clean proofing studio, multimedia training room Hardware facilities. Company employees 160 people, including technical research and development team of 18 people, professional pre-sale, sale, the sale of 36 teams. Strong strength and excellent management team, the company can provide customers with better products and services.

10 years of development experience, and customers in the continuous communication and support, the company has made sincere continuous development. The company currently has silk screen machines, flexographic printing presses, multi-color printing machines and customer-made machines, and other production lines. You can always meet the different needs of different customers and timely express response.

Second, the development status and future trends

Screen printing is called universal printing, it can be printed on a variety of printing materials. Such as: paper, plastic, textiles, metal, glass, ceramic flower paper, stickers, plates, electronic circuit boards, flexible paper, film switch screen printing. From the 20th century, 80 years, China's screen printing every year to 7% rate increase. With the development of society, the improvement of people's living standards, the increase in purchasing power, is expected in the next few years China will become the world's largest screen printing market. China's screen printing equipment is bound to be an unprecedented development.

Third, development opportunities

2008 financial tsunami sweeping the world, whether large or small enterprises are more or less different procedures of the impact. However, after the impact of the enterprises left behind to prove the strength of their business, these enterprises will pick up when the economy picks up, get a new, comprehensive development. From the second half of 2009, we can feel the global economy is picking up, the Shanghai stock market successfully broke through 3000 points, and there is continued upward trend, coupled with favorable national policy support. The economic recovery is just around the corner. As a manufacturer of screen printing equipment is the same, the development of the printing industry, especially foreign trade development of the printing business, destined to screen printing equipment to further increase demand.

Fourth, joining the region, conditions and forms

Area: outside the Pearl River Delta region.

1. Franchisee has a certain amount of cash flow capacity. When the customer to determine the goods, to pay the full amount.

2. Franchisee to be a certain background of screen printing equipment, with independent capacity to provide services to customers.

3. Franchisee need to have a certain customer resources and good personal connections.

4. Franchisee need to have a good reputation, can not have a bad business history.

5, joined the support

1. The company guarantees the franchisee to provide the best distribution price, to ensure that the interests of franchisees. But the price does not include freight and service charges.

2. Free for the franchisee to provide technical training and technical support services.

3. The company will do its utmost to assist the franchisee to make the contract with the customer.

4. The company provides free one-year parts service. Since the date of signing the contract, except for man-made damage.

6, joined the process

Franchisee to obtain information - fill out the application form to join - the company audit - and the franchisee to join and signed an agreement to join - to become the franchisee.

Seven, joined Contact: 0755-27054066 Qiu President.

Eight, join the application form

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