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Screen printing characteristics

Source:本站  Date:2016-02-29  


① screen printing can use a variety of types of ink. Namely: oily, water-based, synthetic resin emulsion type, powder and other types of ink.

② layout soft. Silk screen printing layout is soft and has a certain flexibility not only for paper and cloth and other soft items on the printing, but also suitable for printing on hard objects, such as: glass, ceramics and so on.

③ screen printing imprint force small. Since the pressure used in printing is small, it is also suitable for printing on a fragile shopping object.

④ ink layer thick, strong coverage.

⑤ not subject to the surface shape of the restrictions and the size of the restrictions. As can be seen from the foregoing, screen printing can be printed not only on a flat surface but also on a curved or spherical surface; it is suitable not only for printing on small objects, but also for printing on larger objects. This printing method has a great flexibility and wide applicability.

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