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Added time:2016-09-29

Scope: packaging, greeting cards, textiles, handbags, leather products such as powder spray.

After-sales protection: one year free warranty equipment (except man-made accident), life-long maintenance.

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Product Description

One、    Scope

packaging, greeting cards, textiles, handbags, leather products such as powder spray.

Two、    Technical Parameters



Effective dusting width


Conveyor width


Paper thickness

80 grams or more



Body size

2100*1200*1650mm(Length * width * height)



More than the standard model, special specifications can be customized!

Three、    Performance characteristics

1)Powder is an alternative to the traditional manual on the Jincong powder of a supporting India after the machine, with easy to use, no dust pollution characteristics;

2)Supporting the use of silk screen machine can greatly improve work efficiency and improve the utilization of glitter powder, and can make a varied Jincong powder pattern;

3)Such as process needs, the back can be easily docking drying, UV light curing machine and other equipment;

4)The main components of the machine such as conveyor belt, suction fan, inverter are imported accessories;

5)Easy to use, flexible adjustment, transmission of the whole body are stepless body adjustment, with high durability, good stability characteristics;

Four、    after-sale warranty

Equipment free one year warranty (except for man-made accident), life-long maintenance.

Tips:1)Guangdong Province on-site service free of charge, reported fault notification within 24 hours after treatment or give a solution to answer;

2)Guangdong Province, free maintenance parts for one year (except for man-made accidents). Within 24 hours after receiving the notice of failure to contact the solution or answer the solution, in case of telephone communication can not be resolved or unable to answer the major issues such as treatment, the two sides will negotiate on-site service matters.

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