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Added time:2016-09-29

Scope: all types of solvent-based printing ink drying, drying can also do the water.

After-sales protection: one year free warranty equipment (except man-made accident), life-long maintenance.

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Product Description

One,    Scope

Various types of solvent-based printing ink drying, drying can also do the water.

Two    Technical Parameters



Inside dimensions




temperature range

20-200oc adjustable

Body size

1100*1800*2100mm(Length * width * height)



More than the standard model, special specifications can be customized!

Three,    Performance characteristics

1)Cabinet made of composite materials, all stainless steel liner, the internal filling insulation materials, insulation effect is good;

2)Selection of imported temperature control system, temperature control, high precision, large adjustment range;

3)The top of the box is provided with an exhaust passage so that the gas in the box body can be easily discharged outside the working room;

4)The design of sophisticated hot air circulation system to ensure uniform drying of heated items, no deformation;

5)This standard model can be applied to a standard drying rack completely into the drying.

Four,    after-sale warranty

Equipment free one year warranty (except for man-made accident), life-long maintenance.

Tips:1)Guangdong Province on-site service free of charge, reported fault notification within 24 hours after treatment or give a solution to the answer;

2)Guangdong Province, free maintenance parts for one year (except for man-made accidents). Within 24 hours after receiving notice of failure to deal with or answer the solution, in case of telephone communication can not be resolved or unable to answer the major issues such as treatment, the two sides negotiate a separate door-to-door services.

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