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Features: 1, low power, high efficiency 2, high-precision, zero waste 3, 4 high-grade printing scratch-free, drawer-type screen frame design and unique correction means 5, 6 multi-purpose way of feeding, breaking unreasonable the limit line from India ......

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Product Description

1、  Scope

Automatic drum-type flat screen printing products with high speed (more than twice the print speed internet), high accuracy (line contact, stop rotating drum, more suitable for fine print), wide range of printing. Especially suitable for paper flowers (ceramics, lacquer, glass), paper (enlarging, wine labels, cosmetics boxes, gift boxes), adhesive stickers, bills, security printing, soft plastic (winding circuit boards, membrane switch , car panels, touch card) industries such as screen printing.

2、    Technical Parameters

Max. Sheet Size


Min. Sheet Size


Max. Print Size


Weight. Print Size (g/㎡)


Frame Size


Print Speed


Total Power






3、    Features

YKP1050Automatic stop parallel rotary drum screen printing is according to the latest automatic screen printing techniques and design concepts were developed world, its technical performance beyond any similar models, the most famous German meet international SPS and the latest Japanese machines the same type of technical performance, but the price is only about 40% of them, is the screen printing industry are looking for excellent value for money, high-end screen printing equipment. With the current domestic market compared to traditional automatic screen printing machine has the following main technical characteristics.

1、Low-power, high efficiency

Synchronize new 360 ° rotary drum with the world's latest design, printing speeds of up to 4000 / h, while the main motor power is only 5kw, automatic screen printing than traditional printing speed compared to more than 30%, the main motor power consumption 80% lower. The new increase in the end to hold the pneumatic brake braking suddenly stop at high-speed printing can greatly reduce inertial impact, protect the machine, greatly extend the life of the machine.

2、Precision, zero waste

The left and right sides of the machine features a unique push pull gauge or regulation device can switch freely meet 80g-400g / mm different paper grams precision overprint; on the regulatory side and drum set with fiber electric eye monitoring to ensure that each product is printed accurately place; after printing pressure adjustment, calibration, through the unique hold brake brake lock to ensure consistent printing process. Paper by the bite cam control mode, so that the paper bite biting force preload any group can be adjusted to the best condition. The printing machine can achieve zero waste.

3、High-grade printing scratch-free

The new regulation before the block level and the platen roller in front of the tongue designed to replace the traditional hook-shaped front lay, feed roller and brush replaces the traditional glass balls and ball feed. And each has a separate brush and roller can be self-locking worm on the worm adjusting device. Feeding station vacuum adsorption function, especially when thin printing material, so that printing paper against the countertop can go to the drum at the front lay optical tracking. No guarantee of high-grade printing scratch.

4、Drawer frame design and a unique network of corrective devices

Drawer network box can pull the whole body, which is convenient check box to reset the printing plate is no longer school version, but also convenient and stencil cleaning, handling and adjustment, and then with ink tray to prevent the knife back to Mexico and ink dripping on squeegee on the drum. And in particular with the frame grid trimming effect Edition device (optional) to help fine-tuning screen, in order to achieve accurate overlay requirements.

5、Multifunction way of feeding

Feeding as needed printed materials, quick and free switch single feeding or continuous feed; the last one printed materials after completion of the brush with automatic dispensing function, you do not need people to pick up. Improve work efficiency, easy to operate.

6、Breaking the line from India unreasonable restrictions

Traditional models from the printed copy must 140㎜ line, resulting in a printed picture is too far forward regulations; printed copy from the lead of the unit to achieve 190㎜ full use of the screen version of the middle part, the printed product can be in the maximum printing surface intermediate screen version, so that the screen version of the squeegee remained the same before and after the reaction, so that the amount of ink before printing the rear portion can be consistent, the better to ensure the best results of Indian goods.

7, can be in any position on the paper

Traditional models feeder pile board board only in host-specific parking position, it can lift; this machine can host any parking position, can lift, easy to operate and improve efficiency.

8, intelligent operation control system

The machine interface not only the printing speed and productivity statistics show that the machine is running and has a dynamic monitoring, fault self-diagnosis (automatically displays the fault is not in place or operational reasons and location, etc.), product-volume preset functions to facilitate the operator.

9, high-end configuration with high reliability

Machining CNC machining to ensure full use of precision, but also in supporting parts and materials used globally preferential procurement.

Such as: Japan imported PLC (PANASONIC), inverter (YASKAWA), touch screen (PANASONIC), relay (OMRON), fiber (OMRON), linear guides and bearings (THK), vacuum pump and suction pump (ORION), a cylinder (KOGANEI) and pneumatic components (SMC); Germany (MOELLER) contactors, circuit breakers, overload switch. Ensure that equipment reliability, stability and durability.

4、   after-sale warranty

Equipment warranty for one year (except for man-made accident), life-long maintenance.

1) Guangdong free onsite service, failure after receiving the report or give notification processing solutions reply within 24 hours;

2) provide free repair parts of Guangdong province a year (except for man-made disasters). After receiving the report fault notification Information Processing reply within 24 hours or solutions, in case of telephone communication can not be solved or can not reply to approach other major fault, the two parties negotiate on-site service issues.

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