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Custom UV ultraviolet light curing machine

Product number: Custom UV ultraviolet light curing machine

Added time:2016-09-29

Applicable scope: It is suitable for special effects such as wrinkle, frosting, refraction, light crystal gem, colorful powder, convex oil and snowflake printed on gold and silver cardboard, metal, glass and plastic substrate, and UV offset printing of offset printing Light-curing ink. Can be customized according to offset press parameters.

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Product Description

One、Scope of application

It is suitable for the printing of wrinkles, matte, refraction, light crystal gem, colorful powder, convex oil, snowflake and other special effects on the gold and silver cardboard, metal, glass, plastic and other substrates, as well as UV offset printing ink Curing.

According to offset press parameters. Need to provide supporting offset printing machine out of mouth long, wide, high and UV machine tilt angle.

Two、Performance characteristics

1)Imported Teflon mesh belt, conveyor speed is stable and adjustable (can be made of stainless steel mesh belt);

2)Lamp independent control, can be customized for two or three gear adjustable (strong, medium and weak);

3)The number of lamps and power can be selected according to need;

4)Instantaneous drying to print the surface to high hardness, abrasion resistance;

4)Tunnel-type structure so that the whole shading good, no harm;

5)Configuration strong under the wind system and into the air channel, the substrate can be firmly adsorbed on the belt;

6)Can be easily connected with the production line and other equipment or use more than one screen printing machine.

Four、    after-sale warranty

Equipment free one year warranty (except for man-made accident), life-long maintenance.

Tips:1)Guangdong Province on-site service free of charge, reported fault notification within 24 hours after treatment or give a solution to the answer;

2)Guangdong Province, free maintenance parts for one year (except for man-made accidents). Within 24 hours after receiving notice of failure to deal with or answer the solution, in case of telephone communication can not be resolved or unable to answer the major issues such as treatment, the two sides negotiate a separate door-to-door services.

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