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Shenzhen scien-art Printing machinery manufacturing Co., Ltdis based on production, sales as one of the company; specializing in the production of high technological content, overlay precision, easy to operate screen printing, flexographic printing machinery and auxiliary equipment.

Since the founding of the company has been continuously innovation, and actively use computer-aided design / manufacturing (CAD / CAM), and other modern means of production, to enhance the traditional packaging and printing on the basis of the electronics industry and textile industry to develop printing equipment. Produced by the Arts licensing printing equipment has been in the domestic counterparts in the leading position, selling at home and abroad. Branch sincere with its first-class technical quality and improve customer service by the praise and love. The company has been ISO9000: 2000 international quality system certification; and Zhengzhou University jointly build national 211 Project Screen Printing Laboratory of cooperation in the development of screen printing technical personnel; products have been the European Community recommended products, China BrandName, the Chinese market protection brands And the company was rated as private technology enterprises in Shenzhen and Shenzhen City, the 300 most growth companies.

Corporate purposes:integrity, professionalism, objectivity, innovation.

Companies specializing in the production and operation:

· all types of flat screen printing equipment; screen production, exposure equipment;

·ultraviolet (UV) infrared (IR) drying equipment; customized various screen printing machinery and auxiliary;

·Provide all kinds of screen printing auxiliary equipment and supplies;

·Free of charge to provide screen printing production technical advice, training, information services.

·Flexographic printing presses, stickers trademark die-cutting machine, roll-to-volume CNC flat screen printing presses, automatic roller flat-screen printing presses.

Products are widely used:

Printing plates, stickers, stickers, handicrafts, advertising, calendars, plastic, glass, ceramics, compact discs and electronics, such as printing, tobacco, wine, gifts, cosmetic packaging and special effects (frosted, crystal Binghua, colorful gemstones, wrinkles and foaming) Industry (circuit boards, surface mount, LCD EL) and other screen printing.

To perfect the quality of products, a unique business model, improve the service system, based on the screen printing market.

Welcome customers, manufacturers visit, guidance and business negotiations.

Address:Songgang Bao'an District of Shenzhen City, East Village New Kong Arts Industrial Park, No. 55  |

Hotline:400-7889-189 | Headquarters Phone:0755-27054708 | Fax:0755-27054928



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